photos by franz lanting in botswana’s okavango delta

hibernating dormice. photos by (click pic) george mccarthydanny green, john (gio)colin varndell, terry whittakersimon phillpotts, david tipling and m. watson

images by seb janiak, which he creates by layering several photos on top of each other. (see also: previous cloud posts)

photos by shawn heinrichs in oslob, philippines and isla mujeres, mexico. 

mt. fuji by yuga kurita 

photos by (click pic) arn finn johansen and ole jorgen liodden together in norway’s svalbard archipelago

photos by (click pic) cyril ruoso in rajasthan, india of gray langurs who adopted a stray dog; barney wilczak in polonnaruwa, sri lanka of an endangered toque macaque who befriended a stay dog; oleg doroshenko in thailand; and anne young and sijori images, both in bali, indonesia of long tailed macaques who adopted kittens. 

photos by nat wimolsiri from atop mount penanjakan of fog filling indonesia’s cemoro lawang crater. (see also: previous indonesia posts)

photos of bear cubs by jules cox in finland’s kainuu wilderness (previous bear posts)